LoveLetter to 2021


Honestly, what a year! Where to even begin? I think this year really challenged me personally on a mental and spiritual level. I found out some losses are blessings in disguise and the ultimate plan is the one God has in store for us. Needless to say despite some unforeseen hiccups in the year. I look back on all the places I got to visit( 10 to be exact), the new faces I met, the experiences and projects I got to be a part of and I'm just SO THANKFUL. This year was a visual reminder to stay close to your dreams and passions. 

Professionally I was able to go part-time and dedicate the rest of my year to learning about business/wellness and deep diving into some special projects like NYFW. Simultaneously worked a lot on unlearning and relearning about myself.  I turned 30 ( trust me I was just as shocked as you are lol )  this year so I felt the changes and I had to honor them. That required time to zone in and focus on ME and what I want moving forward in my life.

Ultimately what I came up with is this "I am the only one responsible for creating the life I see for myself and every choice, experience, and person I engage with mean so much to me at this pivotal point in my life. So if you were apart of my life in any way this year thanks for making it a special one and cheers to outdoing ourselves in the New Year!

- Karina

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