Skin Deep

This post is an introduction to the Woman I am becoming
. I fell in love with just taking my time with me. In doing so, I saw, and felt all the things that truly moved me, along with the things that simply didn't. I let go of the pleasing nature that I tend to have and saw that a lot of things I dealt with were not for me. including; people, places, and even habits.

It's a funny thing "Life." It will reveal it's love for you if you choose yourself. I've learned that I like my alone time, I like good vibes and energy always ( no settling on this, you want to hang with me keep the vibes 100), I am extremely empathic, intuitive and creative. I like to work hard and know if all else fails, I can stand on my own two feet.  

I like exploring my body and mind ( am currently diving into Holistic Nutrition ) . I want to help others live there life to the fullest and good health breeds a life filled with possibility. A true passion is to help people! We have been misdiagnosed, given wrong information regarding our health, and overlooked in our community, a change must happen and I want to be a part of it.

 I've always known myself, and I get that may intimidate some ( this trait gets a bad rep especially if your a female). There is nothing wrong with asserting yourself in life! I  will always stand up to things that go against my peace or individuality.  This is what I love about myself. I am able to remain open/curious to all people and things without changing. It enables me to create almost anything from a pure place and that is a beautiful gift.

Swimsuit: Black/Female Owned - RiotSwim

However, on the other hand in certain relationships I found I did conform. I changed to meet people where there at , not knowing that sometimes people are in a stage of their life that interrupts my own growth. A realization that was a true wake up call. Thank You Life for that, I definitely heard you. 

I've learned the things I'm willing to accept and who I am are simultaneously one. I want to stay as true to who I am always, by doing so I give faith that what I need finds me and I am not stuck trying to make IT ( whatever that maybe ) work. Life is about FLOW-SYNERGY man.


I also realized I can't do stress or unnecessary drama, there is simply no need for it. I control my mind, body, and spirit, and that determines my reaction to any and everything.  If it interrupts my peace, I've learned to make peace with Letting it Go.

As a Libra, I love LOVE, but what I need in any loving situation is balance, patience, and RESPECT. 

Lastly, I am a risk taker, the moment I stop taking risks I lose a part of me and I can't have that. I've always tried anything that sparked my interest fearlessly. I am comfortable in the unknown. My mind finds safe haven there. That's the wave that I was built to ride. And to be quite frank, and unapologetically Me - It's time for a Woman like me to be all that I know I can be.  


Ms. Austin

Photos by the talented : @Naturessjoint

Location: Tamarind Reef U.S. Virgin Islands

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