No place like Earth

Happy Earth day folks. Among the myriad of days we now celebrate, this one seems worth it to me. Earth gives us all we could ever ask for, and ask for nothing in return. Air, land and water are some of the most basic necessities we take for granted, and due to our fast paced lifestyles the quality and quantity of these  elements have been so depleted that scientist, engineers, and our future young leaders are now on a race against time to preserve what little we have. 

It all starts with YOU deciding to make one small change. It can be recycling, learning about how our environment is being affected by our waste, organizing cleanups around your neighborhood, and when time is factor for you-a 5$ donation to an organization like goes a long way. They have tons of resources to learn about how you can make an impact.

I love Mother Earth and have consciously decided to make sustainable changes to my lifestyle. Whether that be shopping from brands or companies that use sustainable practices, reducing my produce waste or making the walk to the corner store instead of driving. Earth's natural beauty, fresh air and water are the goldmines of our time, lets do our part to preserve it. I am fortunate to have grown up in what is still the most beautiful place on Earth, St.Croix U.S.V.I. I would hate to see my home deteriorate due to our lack of conscious. Whether you are a native or traveling to these places its your duty to help out and continue the practice of one Earth, one Home. I've listed some organizations for you to explore below. I recently traveled back home, and I was just in awe. Earth's beaches and scenery, how lucky are we? 

All pictures were taken by me.

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