Westside Getaway

 I took a much needed trip to LA to getaway with my special guy. It was my second time in the city and I was so happy to be back. It was bright, light, and refreshing. The food, people, and energy of the city felt like home. Upon deciding to even take this trip- all COVID precautions were considered and taken. 

We traveled late on a Thursday night to avoid any crowds that may occur at the airport ( ATL's airport is one of the largest and most busiest in the USA) so that was actually really huge for me. SideBar: We purchased tickets using this cool app called HOPPER. It helps price match and find you cheap cars, flights, and hotels. We did 2 out of the three and saved a ton. Our hotel was actually through Airbnb which was great because we avoided those outrageous hotel fees they charge you once you arrive. 

From the moment we arrived to LA everything was smooth sailing. We stayed our first few nights at the Hoxton hotel which is located in Downtown Los Angeles.  It felt like we were the only ones in the hotel which was so nice. The staff were so accommodating and eager to make our stay amazing. The hotel was cozy and modern with a rooftop pool/view to die for.  I was able to get my hands on a code and I absolutely wanted to share it with you ( USE CODE: COMEBACK for 15% off your room ).

Most shops and places to dine in were closed, but we really just came for the mental clarity and change of scenery. Since the lockdown in March, it's been hard not mixing days and we needed a break from our typical routines. The stay in LA could have not been more perfect. I mean 10/10-blue skies, sun out shining, and fresh air. The food, people, and energy of the city felt like home. I personally think I've fallen hard for LA.

    The  Silverlake Flea Market had an amazing selection of vintage clothes and vinyls.

We hit The Marathon Clothing store to pay our respects to The Great Nipsey Hussle, got way to many street tacos, met up with friends we haven't seen in so long, stopped by the vintage market  in Silver lake and did the Hollywood hike. We stopped by two dispensaries, my BF was adamant about getting his hands on Jay-Z's strain of weed called MONOGRAM( on the low me too lol, because we all know HOV dominates any market he enters, Cannabis will be know different+We can expect nothing but the best), unfortunately they were sold out. 

My whole idea on traveling now is so crazy, I don't care as much to pack looks as I care to plan out what we are going to do once we arrive, even if it's the bare minimum. I just want to enjoy where I'm at and who I'm there with so much more. Going on the Hollywood hike, walking Venice Beach for the sunsets was exhilarating and all the energy I needed to feel recharged. 

 I think we all are in need of a healthy mental break, my suggestion: Take one- in whatever form you can. 
(& if you are considering traveling like I have, take all the necessary COVID precautions to protect your loved ones and self).


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  1. Thanks for sharing this experience K! Your pics came out ridiculously clean.

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