January feels

 We have made it to January 2021, and though the energy in the world still feels shaky, I feel grounded an optimistic. It is the day after the Inauguration and so many thoughts and emotions ran through my mind. We now have a new President (Shoutout to 46, more than happy to have you) and I think its safe to say despite our preferences and indifferences "WE as a people did what needed to be done". We also have for the first time in history a Woman as Vice President ( A black woman at THAT ). Madame Vice President it is a pleasure to know that in my lifetime I get to see the women who raised me bravely and strongly witness their ambitions channeled into one of the most historical feats for women rights. This is not the end, but a beautiful new beginning for little girls around the country. I personally am charged up, I always knew anything was possible, but to see it is always the icing on the cake. 

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The world and culture as we know it is going through a revolution and if you sit back just for a moment you can not only feel it, but see it as well. From what we are wearing ( I saw you Madame Vice President in that Pyer Moss coat) to all the Young, Black and Gifted entrepreneurs who are fearless in their dreams. Don't let up the culture needs more of you guys, YOUR time is now. I encourage you to support your friends and many small businesses because our dollaz circulating amongst them  holds so much value in this economy we live in, never forget we all have a part to play. 

For the month of January I've been at home enjoying my own little evolution of self. Creating space for new energy to be inspired by, creating for BYAUSTIN, eating my fruits, and understanding more than I THINK ( read that last part again). Understanding my own needs as they evolve with every new level I climb has been a ride. You realize you enjoy being on your high and people, places, and things that are not matched with that kind of energy aren't on your ride yet- so its better to enjoy alone. 

January has been real retrospective, in all the good ways and though I know we will never forget the disaster that was 2020, I'm so excited about 2021 and have plans to make the best of it.   
As The Great " Nipsey Hussle" would say "Never let a hard time humble US". 
On to bigger and better thangs.

Photos By: @SHAMAAL

Karina Austin

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