Converse x Telfar Gifting

Something very special style wise to look forward too. A collab that makes sense and happens to feature two of my top 5 brands. "A girl could never have to much Telfar " has been my saying since they stepped on the scene with their much acclaimed "IT bag" and well the American born brand has built a reputation around their classic All star shoes. I was swooning when I got a surprise first look at their Spring Collaboration. The shoe is * Chefs kiss ( style post coming shortly), but I like this direction as far as brand collabs, this year because of everything that has been going I think we have seen some collabs that just didn't make sense, ( maybe the dollaz did, but at what expense? was always my follow up question").I hope in the coming New Year we see authentic brand partnerships that strive to push the culture artistically and globally.

P.S.- BYAUSTIN is definitely where creatively I have been a little more invested,  but I do miss sharing my thoughts with you and having a space that's not IG to freely just be. Lets hang out more here 
all 2021.


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