Black Owned Lustings

Hey, How ya'll been?  I just wanted to
check-in. I personally have been managing my mental health staying busy with my personal goals admist the crisis of a year 2020 is seeming to be. I know one thing though- We are resilient. Some things bringing me peace are actively finding ways to seek change, especially for my Black people. Step one of that and it was actually something I have been working on intentionally this past year-was to BUY/SUPPORT  Black Owned Businesses. The system is rigged we know this, but our  money, our pride, and will to change things are not. If we can see things on a larger scale, we have the power to create a new way of life for all. A equal footing or least a solid foundation for future generations to come. I am thrilled to look at my closet and not only see my own designs ( AHHHHHH Cats out the bag, FINALLY-but until then follow us on IG @ShopByAustin & turn post notifications ON!), but so many other brands that belong to people that look like me. In fact, my whole household is slowly becoming produced by someone that looks like me and that is beautiful. I was thinking of starting a weekly of Black Owned Businesses in various categories and so I thought let's start with self care! Here are a couple of things I'm currently into:

Current Self Care Lustings

 Jentl- LOVE! They have some of the smoothest body butters I have ever felt, not to greasy, effortless shine, and smells oh-so-good! My boyfriend even loves them so go grab you and yours some.

Brother Vellies- I honestly love Aurora James the founder of this brand. Everything is made by various artisans around the world, making everything out of BV very special and providing jobs to POC. She released the Cloud socks and I fell in love. Reminded me of High School days when these were all the rave. They are comfy to lounge in at home + they are super cozy on the feet.

Bell Hooks -Ah, a good read is like a dream coming to life in the palm of your hands. Bell Hooks has a way with words, that makes you feel like she is talking directly to you.  I needed to read this book right now. 


P.S. ( The reasons to be angry if your a Black person in America are in abundance, have been in abundance for years. I want to extend my love and gratitude because we have taken so much with Dignity & Grace. We have shown up in numbers whether to fight in the streets or through a screen. We are White America's nightmare because we reflect what they will/have always lacked about themselves.)
Always sending my Love + Power!

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