Leira Designs

 Hey Guys, I interrupt your regular schedule programming for some real fashion shit
, I mean the kind that makes you
really appreciate skill, detail, and talent. As most of you know one of the many things I love is meeting with fellow creatives and see how we can create, help or even learn from one another, because if their is anything Covid-19 has solidified is that we can only make it through together. 

A couple of months ago I was invited to an event where I met Ariel Clarke designer/owner of Leira. We shared similar backgrounds, ideas, and then she showed me her work- I was blown away.  Ariel has been sewing since she was 13 years old, a true master of her craft. Her attention to detail and determination to learn everything she can about sewing the right way is INSPIRING. Ariel is big on Sustainability and creating 1 of 1 pieces that last forever.   When Ariel asked me to help  her put together a shoot for her first collection/site it was a no brainer for me. With little time, no model- We made it happen. The pictures I have displayed are BTS and if you want to see more of her collection or hire her to produce garments   -go and check her site out. 


P.S. ( A couple of you have asked me what I do for a regular job ( LOL)  or want to know why I am so knowledgable on a lot of health stuff. For my 9-5, I am a Chiropractic Assistant and I have always been into my health naturally. It's a whole another side of me that I get to pursue daily, even through the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are considered essential healthcare workers, so though its been a little crazy- I truly believe my knowledge in  Science and the body has kept me safe and healthy on the job. So continue to send your questions and I'll try to answer or help as much as possible. Stay safe + Always sending you my Love)

Clothing: Leira 
Photography by: @Livelle.co

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