Building Community through this COVID-19 Outbreak

I find a strong compelling need to send love and light to everyone being affected throughout this Pandemic. As my profession puts me in the field and not at home at this time I am privy to information many may not know about. It is crucial that WE as a global community limit contact, stay home if you can, wash your hands and *SS( lol,but I mean every word). The virus is NOT  airborne and you can only catch it through direct contact via a sneeze or liquid contact. It is crucial to give your immune system all the good stuff it needs like vitamins, specifically Vitamin C + D, drink tons of water, get a sweat in at home, and when the SUN is out please try and get some from your yard. Mentally I know this can be a hard time. Uncertainty is heavily in the air from job security, your kids health, and overall our way of life. I want to extend hope because I believe things happen for a reason. I hope that we realize we need each other way more than we say, that we actually show up for each other more than we have, and that we go Crazy on our dreams and our potential because this  life is not guaranteed- a fact no one is exempt from. 

Spread Hope + Love 

Karina Austin 

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