You wear the PANTS, they don't wear You

Hey, Ms.Austin checking in and I hope you guys have been
handling business and taking care of yourselves. Life has been great since the last time we chat. I'm a year older, embarked on a cool journey in wellness, as lead CA Assistant/Social Media Coordinator for 100% Chiropractic a wellness Spa Globally known but Locally Black OWNED! I'm super excited about life right now, I feel as though the stars are all aligning and everything I've learned, taught myself, and want as far as a career in the health/wellness field is coming full circle.  If your paying attention- Life is both catering  and humbling.  The big opportunity you have been dreaming about is available to you, but you gotta have heart to weather the many storms that life will through at ya, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and Imma tell you the one thing people are afraid to say - ( No One owes you shit, READ it again) your feelings are valid, true but to you only: so learn to deal and adapt in a healthy way, build YOURSELF back up and should you need a hand big sis is just a click away, ok?.

Alright enough lessons, let’s get into some fashion fun, wearing the uniform of my dreams. I honestly could where this year round. It’s sleek, crisp, a classic look honestly. Also, it was ALL Thrifted ( Yup, except for my shoes/shades).  Ya’ll know I’m a thriftier,  and my go to is Goodwill. They have a really amazing one by my house, I have been there more times than the mall this year lol! I love unique pieces and when building my ideal wardrobe- trendy things just don’t make the cut. If I could give my style a tagline it would be “ Where thrift, luxury, & Street Meet” lol. All basics, great quality, classy/sexy silhouettes, and vintage pieces that remind me of where I came from or plan to go. How   would you describe your style?


P.S. I don’t really do make-up anymore, besides the typical glossier boy brow, massacre, and lipgloss, BUT I’m here to tell you especially you beautiful ladies of color- Sunscreen is definitely a came changer in my skin care. I’m totally sold on it and it has helped tremendously with my acne marks, I don’t leave home without it and I’ve found two really great brands that’s are especially made for US.

  • - Unsun- Love my personal favorite ( fun fact: Frank Ocean’s mom Created this line, look her up her skin is glorious.

  • - Black Girl Sunscreen- The ingredients consist of Jojoba & Avocado oils need I say more?       

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