Nike Airmax 200 "A balance Diet" #JustGbese

I have been heavily intentional about the 
things I have been putting in my wardrobe this year. My closet is something I am really proud to look at these days because its filled with black designer pieces. People who I admire like Kirby Jean-Raymond, Rihanna, and Aurora Perrineau who I have been following for years are challenging and taking over a once heavily white dominated industry. I see that inspiration pouring all into other industries such as music, film, art and it moves me to support by giving them my monies so they can continue to create at such high levels.

My current favorite sneakers ( DO YOU GUYS SEE THAT GREEN, C'MON SON) were in fact, designed by Petah Jay of the brand P96 in collaboration with Nike for their #Nike by You Cultivator series. I was immediately drawn to these for the silhouette and color ( Green is my favorite color), but as I learned more about why he designed it this way I fell more in love. 

Like me, Petah is a transplant-Nigerian born and New York Raised. The sneakers are an ode to his Country Nigeria( that's where the green comes to play) and New York the place that made him. Well cultured and humbled, it would only be fitting to call them "The Balanced Diet". A perspective I not only relate to but live by in my own life/wardrobe. 

"Be who you are. Do what you love. Don't hide your humanity – celebrate it, embrace it. That is how you (we) can change the world.”

Coat: Thrifted
Dress: H&M
Shoes: AirMax 270 "The Balanced Diet"

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