dear, Summer

  The simple life- wine on the porch, tanning out the buns, plus
staying hydrated and working on my business is the motive  this Summer. The key for me is focus. Focus on my health, wealth, and stealth. I love Summer because I can do any activity outside. Growing up on an island I lived outside with my brothers. Every Sunday was dedicated to family and beach days. My choice of living/dressing reflects that, because that's generally where my mind goes anytime I imagine a perfect life.  Eating fresh fruit, Sun, and the potential to turn a Summer night into an unforgettable one. I try to bring this mindset with me, as I get older because I realize how vital the need to live simple is for my well-being. I am  taking every activity I can outdoors ( i.e., a workout, reading books, design work, even love making YES you read that right- I heard it increases your endorphins which makes for an intense workout, Do I even need to explain more? lol).  It's refreshing, smelling fresh air, and using all of your senses. I never take Summer for granted, it was love at first breath.

Bucket Hat/Button Up-Thrifted
High Wasted Bikini Bottom/Towel- H&M

P.S. ( Fact #6)
I get a lot of questions about what I eat and how I manage to stay fit. So here IT is,  the big secret  for me is portions and not letting my eyes get bigger than my belly. Being aware of what you eat, how many times you've eating, and if your emotionally eating is key to managing your weight. Also, tons of water and greens ( i.e, green smoothie, check my wellness tab for my go to green powder) to flush out those toxins and keep you regular. I do workout, but not as intensely as you may think, I do it more for clarity and balance. I mix it up between HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training to Yoga or Runs/Walk through my neighborhood) because my mind and body love to be challenged. I  listen to my body and make immediate changes to my diet or workout, if something feels off. This alone keeps my body looking and feeling great.  I learned a while back that no one really knows your body like you do. I take full accountability for my health-because it is one of the things I have full control over, and the way I see it- It cost me nothing now to eat well, pay attention to my health, then it would if I didn't years down the line! Think about It

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