Step Out Your Box

Back with the Jump off!
Hey guys, my latest work brought me to a
real cool place. One that I was all too comfortable with and ideally was the perfect opportunity to flex my creative skills. I was recently approached by up and coming jewelry brand  JamesJewels to shoot some product shots.  TBH, I was not a bit uncomfortable with shooting or directing this shoot. I was however, concerned about the time it would take away from my own creative  goals. Ironically, I had the best time and loved every single shot I took-I'm actually eager/inspired to shoot more! 

  JamesJewel Owner- Jamie,  Model-@cierrairene
The owner/metalsmith (Jamie) made it very easy for me, giving me almost full control of creative direction.
I love working with brands and helping them create stories they wish to tell. The direction here was all about the jewels, and I love how they came out. So, I'm opening the door for more creative consulting work! You have an idea? Need to tell a visual story?
 Let's Work, hit the contact tab to get in touch!

P.S.- (I absolutely am still giving a fact about me every post, no matter the timing. So is here #4)

I used to be a pescatarian for 3 whole years. The best fucking time of my life-my mind, body and spirit were top notch. Looking back I'm more impressed by the dedication I had to see it through. A lot was on my plate. I was still in college, working full time, doing internships, juggling relationships and somehow I remained focused and dedicated. I think of this time now when I want to quit or get overwhelmed. I never thought I could even go a week without meat, my family is a cultural melting pot we dabble in libations and meat curing for the fun of it. HA, they looked at me crazy, when I passed on that spicy curry chicken-but I looked at myself as a BOSS. It was then I knew, there was so much more strength, and levels to me. All I had to do was dedicate myself, I've been tapping in ever since. A humble reminder to never box yourself in, go live your best life on your terms!


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