Heating up

Quick style post because long overdo and I decided  
the next couple of post will be as well! I’m digging darker colors, prints, small pops of neon color ( for me this  means a cool nail color or a spicy statement bag or sunglasses). What style trends are you incorporating into your summer wardrobe?
I love the brand H&M their basic selections  and their sustainable efforts to produce clothes made from used clothing. These garbs were made in part of their conscious collection and you can score 15% off your purchase if you turn in an old bag of clothes. I think that's so dope and who doesn't want to get a discount? 

P.S. ( Fact #5 )
I am a thrifter! most if not half of my favorite statement pieces are thrifted. I love hunting and finding an old gem and turning it into my new new. It’s a sustainable way to shop, and if your up to date on fashion production and all the BS that goes into bringing us the semi quality clothes we buy in most retail stores, you would start thrifting to. I thrifted that wooden handle bag for the low and it’s right on trend for the Summer. It takes a little work and vision to spot the good stuff, but it’s totally worth it!


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