adjective: having multiple sides or skills

I play a lot with this concept these days. It explains so much about me and how my brain works. At times I almost feel like a mad genius, because I have a constant rolodex of ideas running around in my head. I have a whole lot of talents and hobbies that I love to do and are great at but sometimes I get myself a little overwhelmed. People say you can't do it all, but is that really true? I mean, if the Lord gave me the talents, the least I can do is meet him half way by making sure I perfect my natural abilities to share them truthfully with the world. I think what it all boils down to is balance and staying inspired! 

Also, this does not exempt you or me for that matter from putting in real work. You can be talented, but you become great from consistent daily practice. Below, I share some gems I use to stay motivated and keep my creative wheel rolling.

1. EAT WELL. (major key, often overlooked)

2. CREATE mood boards, read books on your interest, do something you love for 30min a day at least.

3. FIND a playlist or create one to work to. Music matters a whole lot. I know for me I can go a whole day with a pencil and just my radio as company.

*I'm currently digging the #Beautiful Noise playlist selections, and the curator just gets it!

4. Be GENTLE. Creating isn't always easy, you may run into a few mishaps, it may not be that great when you first out start out, but love the process anyway. 

5. PRAY. essential. Pray over your workspace, ask for inner guidance to bring those ideas that fuel you into this physical realm. 

(P.S. I promise to share a fact about me every post. Here is)
2. My favorite number is 9. I always see it everywhere, its my birth month number, and according to some research on the world wide web (lol!)- it is the angel number. I like to think the number makes me lucky and  that I have the ability to create multiple lives for myself, like the kitties do. 

What are some tools you guy use to stay inspired?


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