Minimal MakeUp the Fenty Way

 Minimal is actually an understatement, because I
barely wear any makeup on a regular day. Nonetheless, I own an array of makeup-some were gifts, others I just wanted to try, but got lazy and push them to the back of my bathroom cabinet (lol)! However, this past Christmas my guy gifted me with a full set of FentyBeauty ( I know I'm lucky, he even got my shade and everryyythang lol! Thanks babe!) I already had the GlassBomb lip gloss, which I absolutely love! It last all day and I like to dazzle a little on my eyelids for a sleek, retro look.
I also have been super surprised by the quality and different styles of our girl Rihanna's SavagexXFenty lingerie line! I mean I have been prancing around in it for most of the New Year it seems like! They have something for everyone no matter the size and it feels great to wear something in vibrant colors, that fits oh so purrrfect! 

Have you tried either brands yet? 

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