WOW! Can you believe it's 2019! Give yourself a pat on the back for
making it! I have been in a permanent state of changes since last year, so this new season feels like home. I am now a year older and for the first time I actually feel it- in so many good ways. I'm stepping up to the plate fiercely, and without hesitation. Love has also been strong with me, I feel it in the air ( This is not a Beanie Siegel pun lol) and it breathes a new excitement for wardrobe changes, new memories to be had and tons of getting shit done!( my personal fav). I am moving in Love this year, with all that I do-and I encourage you to do the same. I am not perfect, but I find when I do this-my world is transformed instantly. The air is fresher, people are more beautiful, and life is whatever I hope it be!

I'm feeling bright colors for the New Year, tees from some of my favorite concerts, hard textures, big hair, braids, cool trainers and dresses - A more sophisticated girl on the run look-I kinda dubbed it. I am really into my culture ( which is not a trend), so I look forward to wearing and buying things that say a lot about me from people who look like me.
T-Shirt: 4:44 Concert Tee ( I've seen Jay-Z in concert about 3 times now, and let me tell you- He will always be the GOAT), Trousers: TopShop

P. S.

 Also, if you noticed The9thSol had it's own minor change this year -now KarinaAustin.com, because to be completely transparent with you-I am more of myself then I ever felt and I'm proud to stand on that- My new feels, career path, life lessons, I see it as a gift-and so I'm sharing that with you. 

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