Gratitude is the New Attitude

It sounds so simple, but being grateful-truly grateful is
the major key to your happiness. I start  my day with a few quiet moments to gather my mood and intentions for my day. I am grateful that I woke up, that I have an amazing family, and that I am ME. An appreciation for these simple things, allows me to see clearly all the other amazing goodness in my life-which in turn rewards me with 2x the blessings.

So here is a scenario "You wake up in your body, with your thoughts, likes, dislikes, and talents-this happens everyday-a ritual, like a hamster running on a wheel. Your energy attracts your tribe, so friends are now like family, you're appreciated and adored. Man, your talents they only belong to you and shit you do them oh so well! You are an infinite ball of energy, love, and creativity and I must say you're a gem to know".

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Now here is the reality " All of those perks I mentioned are already happening to you Right Now! You just got to get seriously aware to see it." We create the world we live in and lose sight of that with all the smoke and mirrors thrown in our peripheral. My remedy for staying grateful- Get fucking solid, become so thorough in who you are- hear and see what THEY say, but dissect what YOU need and keep it moving. If it's for you-It won't pass you by.  I use this method for everything, even down to getting dress- I Game of the Thrones the hell out of any situation that doesn't feel good to me. I am only able to do this, because I have chosen to be aware and pay attention to what makes me feel good-and only move in that direction.

 Life tip - You have all you need to make your boat rock.
Don't let them sail your ship! 

I stay close to people and things that move me, inspire me, and essentially feel like home. Simple things like dressing up, working on new creative projects, meeting with a friend and grabbing some tea or indulging in a new workout are so gratifying!
Side-note: Going natural has to be one of the best decisions I ever made. If I want wild hair no problem. A quick braid up while out-say less. The versatility is endless.

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