The Science of feeling Grown and Sexy

Feeling Sexy means different things to many people. For me,
it is this perfect balance of confidence and self acceptance. I attribute sexiness to a great sense of humor, taste, and intelligence. 

I personally feel my best/sexiest when taking care of myself ( i.e working out out, wearing my favorite fitted jeans or shoes of the moment, delving in a heated music discussion with my guy and actually adding value to the conversation, being a goof ball, also being gentle adds to this too.) I am learning the art of being very gentle with myself and others. We are all operating from different perspectives, and so one can only meet me where they are in current time. Being aware of that and intentionally taking the moment to be patient has really got me feeling my sexiest because I don't feel any need to prove myself, I don't rush to judge, assume, or create unnecessary anxiety.

(  Top-By Me, Pants-H&M, Shades-Warby Parker, Bag-Vintage, Soles-H&M)
It has become apart of my aura, my calmness and openness exudes out of me. I am not trying to be anything, but my best self in every situation. I am open-I am open to new ideologies, views, all while maintaining my own and honestly what could be more sexier than that?!

(This Summer has got to go down as one of the hottest, I'm melting from sun up to sun down & you can imagine me scrambling to look fashionable while cool, this outfit is my take on that- I love creating tops with pieces of material I have around the house-They are super easy and literally the perfect idea for summer dates to create magical moments with those you love!)
What are some of your Summer staples?


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