Sporty on the Go

Lately, I have been ditching my polished looks and heels for a much more sporty feel. The athleisure wear trend is not new, but I think now more than ever women are doing the same. It's simple we got shit to do-no excuses. We are always on the go with businesses to run, kids to raise, and fully packed schedules.

Soles: Nike Air Max 98, Hoodie : Amoure 

I'm perfectly fine with some comfy kicks and quality fitting athleisure wear to knock out a day of errands. I personally am a fan of Nike sportswear for women/men. The silhouettes and fits are ideal because you can take them from day to night and not feel or look like you just came from the gym. It seems though comfortability has become the new classic-and I ain't mad at that!

How do you guys do sporty wear?