Sweet Paradise

La Grand Princesse ( My great grandfather came to St.Coix from the island of Trinidad with only 10 dollars in his pocket. He built this house behind me)

Paradise? I know all about it and I am so fortunate to call it home. I took a trip to St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands to celebrate
My Birthday and like wine my home's beauty continues to elevate with time. St.Croix is a gem with majestic waters, rich culture, and a natural peace I wish more could witness and appreciate. Growing up I played around my yard with other kids in my neighborhood, went to the beach , and went limin'( local Colloquiums meaning to hang out) with my friends. Life growing up was sweet and when deciding on where I wanted to go to celebrate my Birthday; I could taste that sweetness in my mouth again-I had to go home. My visit was short, sweet, and truly unforgettable. My boyfriend and I  wanted to treat this trip like a reintroduction to the island and ourselves. We walked everywhere, talked to the locals, partied with family and old friends, ate and drank local only.  We even slept on the beach and woke up to the stars; it was the perfect celebration and healing I needed. Thank you, Sweet Paradise!

Birthday Attire

 Nothing like a Virgin Island tan

SandBar MenuThe Grilled Mahi was Amazing!

My Special guy & Coolest travel partner around he's so down for whatever

A huge starfish sleeping on the Ocean floor

 Prior to this trip I was feeling a little uninspired and life in the U.S. just seemed repetitive and unfair nationally. As a young adult living in America today, you truly have to find your paradise or lose it. Do what makes you happy, go where your heart lights up, and never stop being a citizen of the world!

Hotel on the Cay

P.S.( I had no intentions of walking with my laptop or camera. I simply wanted to be present and enjoy every single moment of my surroundings. ALL pictures were taken with an iPhone 6s and 5s)