Sol Meets RebelRebel

Hey guys, meet my friend and fellow fashion blogger Melisa Affandy. I fell in love with Melisa's amazing aesthetic, bomb ass style, and great music taste. She has such a great outlook on the fashion industry and
even better tips for other bloggers.

I'm quite passionate on a lot of different things. Art, music, books, fashion obviously; everything connected to creativity. There's something about doing things you're passionate with that creates this indescribable amazing feeling. Thus this feeling, is basically what's  driven me to keep on doing the things that I love. 
I started blogging about two years ago. The idea went through my mind during a London trip. I love love love London and always will, and was so inspired by the city. Long story short, went home to my country, anddd voila! Rebelrebel (originally was born. 
A huge factor I learned fom blogging is  the importance of interacting with fellow bloggers and to keep on improving the way your blog looks visually. Most importantly, always have the balls to try something new. Who knows? You could be the creator of "the next big thing" in the industry. 

I get most of inspirations mostly from the internet of course, both for editorial work and personal style. Instagram, pinterest, tumblr, you name it. Not to leave out fashion magazines. My advice? Try reading independent magazines (wonderland, system, the gentlewoman, paper, etc), it will change your life.  I haven't reached my 'breakthrough' point yet where people all over the place suddenly knows me and appreciate my work. But once I do, I really want them to feel something by seeing my work. Like Janet Ironside upon witnessing Dior's New Look.

"It was like a new love affair, the first sight of Venice, a new chance, in fact a new look at life" - Janet Ironside

Sounds pretty cheesy, but who didn't want to change a life, right? 



  1. The photos are beautiful! I definitely don't read enough independent magazines!

  2. Melisa is amazzing! and yes I get so much inspo from independent magz Monique!

  3. Wow, yes, she has an extremely cool style! Thanks a lot for sharing - I see she is really an inspiration <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Really love her insight and style! She has fantastic taste and I'm definitely going to check her out now!


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  5. looking so good in this outfit and best fashion ....your dressing sense is too good....