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  "Live in your own world, so when you step into someone elses -You are exactly what they need"

Oh, Summer you know I hate to see you go! I hope everyone has been living it up this Summer. I'm so going to miss my sun burnt hair, glorious tan lines, and my Hanes tees that I have been cutting up( because they were so versatile for the humid Atlanta weather). I had so many mid-nite rendezvous with my significant other & friends ( babe, I love you for all those crazy nights, always count me in!), and I've met so many new friends that I can't wait to share them with you guys on my Sol Meets Series. 

Photos by : Akeema Edwards

Jeans-H&M, Bag-H&M, Soles-Vintage, Shirt-made by Me
 Life is really beautiful, and though we all have bad days- LIKE my Momma would say it ain't a bad life. I have been rocking with this statement as my morning mantra for the month of August ( Mantra's are so helpful for rewiring the way you think! + It sets a positive vibe for the rest of your day) . I like to think of myself as an intellectual savage. I crave, seek, and search for ways to make my life better in the most simplest ways. It's your life, find your balance-and maintain it!

P.S ( I am brainstorming Fall wardrobe ideas. I am living for silk pajama like dresses, there so chic! and an easy transition piece for Fall. Throw a tee underneath or over and pair with some boots to mix things up! )



  1. omg love your shirt! and a white tee with denim is such a perf combo. werk it girlll


  2. girlll you are rocking this outfit! those jeans are to die for<3
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  3. I'm honestly ready for Fall since the Summer isn't really my fave season. I will miss quintessential summer things like warm nights and summer festivals though.


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  4. you look so cool in this outfit..In love with your style