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Oh,hey there!
How crazy fast is this year going! I know for me personally it has been crazy so far. So many changes happening at once, and because I am too ambitious( meaning I want it all, and ain't settling) I have been so focused on other goals I want to accomplish this year.  I am enrolling myself in two master degree programs, so that alone is going to be a handful, but women are running the hell out of 2016 so I have no excuse to not handle my shit. On the bright side the weather has gotten warmer(Thank Gawd) and I just don't know how to act. I literally put on the bare minimum and run out the door just to feel the sun rays on my skin.
Perfect Bed Hair, to go with my look. Now that winter is over I'm over indulging in the simplest things style wise(mini skirts, basic tops like the one I'm wearing).

Jacket & Jeans-Gap, T-shirt-Hanes, Boots-Forever21
Photos by: Akeema Edwards

P.S.(I love having numerous supplies of white tees and tanks, especially Hanes tanks-you can cut it, wear it backwards like I did in this post. They come in packs so that is a major savior if your on a budget. I will be living in these this spring/summer. What style staples are you guys wearing this summer?)



  1. Great mini skirt!

  2. I like this simplistic look! In warmer weather, I am all crop tops and tank tops.

    xo Raven

    1. Me too Raven, makes coping with the weather so much easier!

  3. Glad to see you're back and killing it! ;)

  4. you're 80's style outfit is sooo good! :)

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