Gray Matter

Fall is here and so is the gloomy Atlanta weather along with it!
However this season I am making it my duty to still get out of the house despite how the weather makes me feel.  I really make it a habit on off days to dress up and do things I like no matter how insignificant. My favorite shoes at the moment are these mules I got at Target(YES!Target). I love fashion deals and these shoes are so comfy. I plan on pairing them with cute socks this fall/winter season.

Jacket-Forever21 Top/Skirt- TopShop Shoes-Target Bag-TopShop Sunnies-H&M

P.S. (I am happy to say my good friend who is an architect,model,jack of all trades really took these photos on her first try!! So should we add Photographer to the list? but really she is the first female to shoot me and I'm proud of that, thank you tons Xuxa!)



  1. These photos are amazing. You killed this outfit! Did you customize the back of that jacket?

  2. Grey color really fits you! Also you can choose really great outfits which suit different situations. I think that people don't understand how Your New Future is influenced by your expression and underestimate fashion influence. You know that you don't have a second chance to make the first impression and I really believe that some people loose a lot of great opportunities due to their fashion neutrality.