If you follow me on snap-chat, you probably saw the making of this art piece and the artist behind it. It is a one of a kind art piece, created by my super talented father-Mark Austin.

I really needed something for my apartment and my dad whipped this up for me literally in less than 24 hours. My dad has a natural gift to create amazing things, that really stand out and this is what I grew up on. I learned to push my creative button very early because of him. It is not just the beauty in his art, but the skill and care he puts in it that really amazes me. He is very skillful and really has a good eye for detail. He is a true artist and I am grateful for the artwork he made for me.

P.S.(My father quoted some words of wisdom and placed it on one end of the painting)
"The art of healing and uncovering your inner wisdom and potential for self healing:
Listen to your inner dialogue"



  1. that is so cool your father created this! i love the colors, and it looks so vibrant against the white walls

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  3. Your father have a great talent. What about you, are you good at drawing? Because I heard that, it has a genetic predisposition. I will not believe that growing with father who draw like that you never tried. In addition, as I can see it’s an image of Buddha, are you some kind of Buddhist? Or is it only his vision of something? Because, as for me Buddhism is the best religion after Confucianism. At least I think so about their code. Want to leave here a link to my recent project : Again want to thank you for your great blog!