Hey friends, I am ecstatic about sharing my world with you. My life,thoughts,taste,and whatever I'm into at a current space in time. I am Karina Austin and getting back to blogging has been on my to do list, but life as we know it has it's own plans. A lot has changed since my early blogging days and I think the timing is right this time around.

Photo By~@Shamaal

I thought introducing my blog with me in a natural setting was important. I am as carefree,hopeful, flawed, and intrigued as these photos portray of me. I am wearing a vintage jumpsuit. The weather seemed perfect for it and I honestly was feeling groovy.

As, you will see throughout my blog-do not expect anything style specific. I go with how I feel and as a woman I feel we have the amazing gift of being able to transform ourselves everyday. We are so versatile it's fucking insane. So, know your self and be so comfortable that the things you wear are mere reflections of the Sol you are!!



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