BY~Nabil Elderkin

Gems, I love to be introduced or stumble upon them. Right now this is my go to for inspiration. It is a  short film by Nabil Elderkin. A beautiful, heartfelt,Powerful representation of the album Capture land by reggae artist Chronixx.
I recently started listening to his music and have never looked back. His conviction,lyrics, and feel give me a sense of happiness and hope. He is super talented and his music resonates so deep. 
The short film depicts MAN-in search of purpose,dignity, and ultimately his home. It is a vivid demonstration of the war with society and ourselves. I thought this film was very powerful and moving. The message is ideal for where my mind is at right now; with all that has been happening in this world. I urge you to see the bigger picture and the message in the film.
CHECK out the short film and let me know your thoughts.



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